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New York to England Cruise Reviews

These are our 5 favorite reviews of cruises from New York to London, England. They are in-depth, useful, and entertaining. We think they'll be helpful in planning your cruise.

1. Seven Days on the Queen Mary 2 by the New York Times. "Making a crossing" in winter. Dancing to an orchestra in the ballroom. Flirting. Daily schedules stuffed with music, lectures, shows, classes, workouts, games and wine tasting. Please don't fling your champagne flute into the Atlantic. The author would do it again "in a heartbeat".

2. How to travel between New York and England on the Queen Mary 2 by the Man in Seat 61. An incredibly detailed instructional article. Choosing eastbound or westbound, selecting a stateroom, restaurants, entertainment, kids, transfers from Southampton to London, and what the cruise is like.

3. Transatlantic cruise between New York and England on the Queen Mary 2 on Avid Cruiser. A recent 9-part review (a page for each day of the cruise) details a crossing that included preformances by the National Symphony Orchestra. The author calls it a "magical" experience and he has great respect for Cunard Line and the QM2. The big photos are beautiful.

4. What it's really like on a Transatlantic cruise to England by Cruise Maven. A report on a Queen Mary 2 crossing from NYC. Stormy weather didn't upset this cruiser. Includes dining tips. Shows and other entertainment. Here is part 2 from later in the cruise.

5. Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic crossing by Richard Wagner. The types of passengers you'll find on board. The advantage of a balcony stateroom when leaving or coming into port. Strong intellectual and cultural activity offerings. Dining in the Britannia Restaurant. Links to a huge photo tour of the ship.

We hope these cruise reviews were enlightening or at least amusing. See the complete list of cruises New York to England.

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