Cruise Transatlantic

Transatlantic Cruise Itineraries

Transatlantic cruises go to several countries. We break down the Atlantic crossings so you can find the cruise you want.

USA to Denmark: Cruises from the United States to Copenhagen in Italy. Departures from Florida.

USA to England: The route of the frequent New York to London voyages. Also available out of Tampa, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

USA to Ireland: Cruises from the US to Dublin and Cork in Ireland. Leaving from Florida and Boston.

USA to Italy: Cruises from the United States go to Rome and Venice in Italy. Departures from Florida.

USA to Netherlands: Cruises from the US to Amsterdam and Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Departures from Florida and Boston.

USA to Portugal: Cruise to Lisbon from the USA. Voyages out of New York and Florida.

USA to Spain: Barcelona is the destination of cruises from America to Spain. The ships leave from Miami, Tampa and Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Transatlantic Mediterranean Cruises: US to the Med round-trip.

Transatlantic Cruises from New York: England is the destination of all of these cruises on the luxurious Queen Mary 2.

Southampton to New York Cruises: From the port that serves London to the Big Apple.

UK to Florida Cruises: Cruise to Miami from Southampton.

Transatlantic Cruises from Barcelona: Cruise to the USA from Barcelona, Spain.

Transatlantic Cruises from Florida: Cruise to Europe from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Port Canaveral or Tampa.

Cruises to Barcelona from Florida: Spring cruises from the ports of Florida to a leading city of Spain.

Round-trip Transatlantic Cruises: cross the Atlantic and return. The ultimate in cruising between the US and Europe.

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