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Transatlantic cruises are just one of the great cruises of the world. Ships sail all over the world and the best cruises go to truly amazing destinations.

There are many reasons why a is a world favorite. History, food, nightlife, scenic wonders, and great weather ... Mediterranean ports have got it all. Trips are usually either eastern Mediterranean (Greece, Turkey) or western (Spain, France, Italy), but there are grand cruises that cover the entire region.

The main season for a Mediterranean cruise is from April to November. A few lines, such as Costa, do offer Med cruises all year round. Winters tend to be too cool and overcast, but the spring and fall benefit from good weather and smaller crowds.

Bermuda Cruise Guide has one of the world's favorite vacations. Ships stay in port for several days, giving you plenty of time to explore. Experience the pink beaches, fancy shops, fine dining, world-famous golf courses, and great historic sites that are Bermuda trademarks. Bermuda is a wealthy place and has a distinct British style.

Bermuda cruises are not Caribbean cruises. It's located 600 miles off the coast of North Carolina, so the weather isn't steamy hot in summer. The season for cruises to Bermuda is April to November.

A Hawaiian Cruise Guide has the only way to see multiple islands the way explorers did -- from the water. Most trips visit 4 of the islands. Some Hawaii cruises depart from Honolulu, but many sail from Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco or Vancouver.

Hawaii's peak cruise season is the winter, but it's a year round destination. The beaches and relaxed atmosphere make great cruises anytime. Go for the beaches, scenery, luaus, hula dancing, snorkeling, and surfing.

Are you ready to see it all? You can, on These exclusive trips literally go around the world, making them the very best cruises of all. Sail away on a great adventure. World cruises depart in January to take advantage of good weather in the southern hemisphere. Their extended itineraries are 100 days or longer.

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